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Meet Manning

Our life plans and our reality rarely match up.  It makes me think of that image circulating around the internet. Here it is if you don’t know what I am referring to. I do not know the creator of this image (the author deserves some serious credit) but I am sure we could swap some war stories. I lived a fight or flight life for most of my life.I hated conflict, lived in fear, and experienced such deep shame on all levels I made an intentional decision to “stop life”l in 2006.  My life was so out of balance that I had lost my way. Over the next eight years, I learned to “just be.” Be Aware. Be Open. Be Available. Be Forgiving. Be Love. Be Non-Judgemental.

During my eight years of discovery, my mentor, best friend and life coach, Karen, processed me through a cargo ship of emotional baggage.  It is hard to encapsulate in a few sentences everything I learned and was exposed too but I saw a pattern that criss-crossed five areas.  I call them dimensions. . A believer in alternative healthcare dating back to the early days of massage and chiropractic I further explored other therapeutic tools including Whole Food Nutrition, Essential Oils, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Energy Medicine.

I  was fascinated (still am) by the amount of information that connected the dots of why, what, when, and how that led to me being so out of balance.  I sought help from practitioners in these fields and my body, mind, and soul began to respond. I was calmer, more relaxed, had clearer focus, and felt like I had a renewed life purpose. All the work (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) I had put into the process was starting to pay off. Everything seemed to be ticking in the right direction for me. It was glee! But that was when I wanted to share it.  I felt it just was not right to experience such freedom and not tell others.

I did not intentionally decide to be a life or wellness coach.  Yet, my life has clearly led me in that direction.  I have many people to thank that have helped me on my journey.  I chose to breathe in again, keep moving forward and walk out the plan that God has created  for me.  I would love to join your journey and shepherd you through your own personal development process in whatever stage you may be in.