My Story

Art has been my solstice, my safe-haven, my place to authentically express myself when I feel overwhelmed by life’s lessons. When I sit in denial, anger, disbelief, unfocused, challenged by the sunlight to awake to a new day.

The game of emotional survival started in my childhood and lasted way into adulthood. May 2014, one traumatic event would change the entire trajectory of my life. The bubble I lived in collapsed, the GPS broke, and a large abyss with no visible bottom opened up in my life.

My best friend Karen died instantaneously of a massive heart attack. Karen was my family, my support system. The one that knew me best.

The loss was deep. The grief process was long and hard.

It landed me in therapy. Therapy opened up more issues. That led to more therapy. Repeat.

Then I reconnected with my high school art teacher. 27 years after being in her art class.

I had started doodling, scribbles that had no shape or form.

They were just “expressions.”

She encouraged me to continue.

I did.

First as an escape from the world around me.

Then it became black and white (blind contour) analogue drawings to music.

Now something to calm my mind. To get my mind to rest.

Comments came in on Facebook about how much people loved my art.

I was encouraged to share and even sell it.

So I am.

My art healing journey. Through canvas and color.